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    1. Phebe*DD
      I thought you were getting an RV so you could come visit.
    2. IrisLove
      yeah I wish I could convert my vinyl to mp3... I would have a collection to die for ... I dont have any " best of all time " albums, because my favorite band changes every five minutes (cream to joan baez to sonny terry and brownie mcghee to ... goes on as such) ... Jefferson Airplane's album Bark (Released 1971 I think) , all songs on it are good along with crown of creation (I love the song if you feel) ... I could go on forever and ever about what bands I love and why and my favorite albums and recordings hahahah ...
    3. SheepOfBlue
      Sca is a hillbilly dog so winter is something that needs to go away. Oh and he not only plotted but did by destroying a laptop cord :-( thanks on the compliment though :)
    4. Mally's Mom
      Mally's Mom
      Also, you pictures are great, I love the one, Plotting Payback. Our Mally hates baths. If you mention the word bath, he goes and hides.
    5. Mally's Mom
      Mally's Mom
      Yes, Mally does love the snow. Dips his whole face in it, comes up, face all full of snow, tail wagging. Kind of like us throwing cold water on our faces. Very refreshing. He likes to run in the snow, too, and retrieve toys. It's like the snow re-juvenates him.
      The summer and the heat/not so much.
    6. SheepOfBlue
      Aerosmith Rocks is up there with The Black Album for every song being good. Van Halen I was good but not the level of Rocks. Ted Nugent Free For All was much better than Cat Scratch Fever. Oh and Bob Seger Live Bullet is a great album and more so when you consider that it was from a single tour of Detriot (Cobo Hall), though not metal. Blue Oyster Cult is good and Rush was great live (decent on album). I think I have about 3000 songs on my iPod (none downloaded illegal) including converted from vinyl stuff.
    7. IrisLove
      never got into Van Halen and Aerosmith... for some odd reason bands who are overhyped I never am satisfied with.. including the stones.. never got off on em much ... my expectations are too high when a band is overhyped and am often times dissapointed..
    8. SheepOfBlue
      Yep Metallica, Pantera, Godsmack, etc. Though I am a fan of a bunch of stuff. Nugent, Kid Rock, CDB, Johnny Cash (RULES), CCR, Zepplin, original Van Halen (everything after II is downhill), Aerosmith....
    9. IrisLove
      a metal sheep eh, so you indulge in the likes of priest and maiden and the like ? I got to see the latter a few years ago in montreal...good stuff !!
    10. SheepOfBlue
      Nope I am more a metal sheep though I do venture off into a variety that surprises folks, like Johnny Cash, Everly Brothers, CDB in country and some others in rock. Just no rap or disco! Oh and the guy that does the song for Squidbillies pulls at me (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C5F9uCifD4) ... might have to get his album to see.

      I had never heard of him but like his sound I have to admit
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    Dogs that own me::
    Scathan Coimhead aka Sca RIP
    Spitfire the Jarl Of Huntsville aka Spitfire
    Angelic Angus Itheann Gach Rud aka Angus


    Ian an Splanc Liath (the gray flash)
    Spitfire 13" 19.8 lbs Official Orange Horror; zero points; self appointed tyrant of the house
    Angus Angelic Angus Itheann Gach Rud (Eats Everything) RIP
    Sca 15 15/16" 29.9lbs NAFA: Flyball Grand Champion; Multibreed Master Excellent; UFli Top Flight III RIP
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