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Sep 4, 2015
Jun 12, 2008
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Grimes, Iowa
Designer- I sell wallpaper and window treatments

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Forums Enthusiast, from Grimes, Iowa

Forums Enthusiast
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Sep 4, 2015
    1. Ann
      It was fun meeting you too! The best part of National (unless you win of course, LOL) is meeting great people and talking Shelties. I had a great time talking with you and hope we see you at another National with your own puppy! Keep in touch and enjoy showing your furkids! I'll look forward to their pictures.
    2. RonandJan
      Your fur friend is beautiful. He/she? reminds me of my Cleveland. Cleve had a lot of black but was still a sable. We are looking for a breeder somewhere in New England, for we would like to have "McKinley" (new pup's name) before the new year. It is just too lonely here without a furball under foot! Thanks again for the website and give your pup a pat on the head for us!
    3. ctrader
      Hi! I live in Muscatine. Yes,, the humidity is horrible but the storms are wonderful. I have live here 40 years and even though it has it's bad days, Iowa isn't that bad. Where are you from? Thank you for writing.
    4. WinCamXP
      Hi, could you reply to my topic in Behavior? I really need help!
    5. mcguiregirl2248
      Hi! Things are good for now. Yes, I have a new job here! It will be fun since I'm already on here a bunch anyway. But yes, having the title will keep my hubby from pestering me to get off of the internet!! How is Cece doing? Are things well at your house? Marlie is actually at the vet today. Some weird spots started showing up on both of her eyes. I just went over to the office and talked with the vet. They think it fatty deposits so it looks like I need to cut her food back and possibly change her diet. They said that it is ok and might go away. They are going to check her cholestoral (sp?) and thyroid just to be on the safe side. Nothing major at least! Take care and give Cece hugs from us girls!!
    6. Chris
      I stayed home! I actually had tickets to the Inauguration. My sister and I were planning to camp overnight in my office, but we finally decided that discretion was the better part of valor. It was an amazing day, though. Happiness, joy -- and not one single arrest! Go to www.washingtonpost.com for great reports!!
    7. BarbV
      Yes, well the outdoor pictures are taken with me in my sock feet standing at the patio door. I'm such a wimp! If I truly wanted great pictures, I would put on my boots and coat and go out with them! :)

      But thanks!
    8. mcguiregirl2248
      Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. Let me know how CeCe's test comes out. I will keep all of you posted. Thanks again!
    9. Janice
      Oh, Yes CeCe is so beautiful. Everyday I get an e-mail from Sheltie Nations but not today. I love seeing the pic's on Sheltie Nations too. It's nice to see pic's from folks here on the Forums. Yes, we do have Famous Shelties for sure!!! LOL
    10. Janice
      Yes it's my son Jeffrey and Shelly. Thanks for letting me know....I sent that photo in weeks ago and kinda forgot about it. We had only had Shelly a few days and I just happen to catch both of them sleeping. Thanks again for letting me know!! Janice
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    Grimes, Iowa
    Designer- I sell wallpaper and window treatments
    Gardening, beading, reading, walking and working out


    Zuzu, cuz it's a Wonderful Life!
    Cece angel in heaven
    and Gabby, her tag-a-long friend, at the bridge, and