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Dec 8, 2015
Sep 12, 2008
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Fort Myers, Fl
house cleaning

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Dec 8, 2015
    1. kstraub73
      Thanks for posting about the natural/digestible dog chews (the Get Naked ones) - I happened across that conversation about rawhide while looking for ideas of something healthier to give the dogs. I like that they have low calorie dental chews, so I'm going to try that with Bella and Oreo to see if it works. Always hear so much negative stuff about rawhide, but they need something to chew on. Hope all is well for you!! :)
    2. KarenCurtis
      Hi, In this thread What is the lineage of your pup? I found out that Zak and Sandstorm are related- Sandstorms grandfather is Popstar, I have a picture of him,
    3. Sumac3890
      Thanks for the message and for the nice compliment on my girls. The bigger one is my beloved Katie, we lost her last year to cancer and the other one is my sweet Maggie. Guess I need to change that picture to a Maggie and Zak picture. I wil go check out when that issue will be out. I hope they put a sheltie on the front.
    4. Mally's Mom
      Mally's Mom
      I PM'd you regarding when the May Issue of DogFancy will be out on the stands. I do not know if I sent it to you correctly, as I am not real good on computers. I decided to send you a message this way too just in case.
      I received my subscription copy of April's issue last week. I will most likely receive my May issue the 3rd week in March. You might want to call your local bookstore regarding when they'll would put the May issue out on their shelves. Out here in Illinois, Border'sBooks, and Barnes&Noble sell DogFancy, monthly.

      Note: Those are 2 very nice looking shelties on your profile picture above.
    5. Sumac3890
      I think Maggie was that way as puppy because I let her be. I donated all my time to her totally, so she was used to having my attention. It takes them a while to calm down. Thanks for the message. hang in there mom
    6. take4roll10
      I don't want to jack the calm puppy thread. I just wanted to thank you for responding to my question about how Maggie is now. I only asked because your description of Maggie is exactly how Bailey is now. Looks like I have about a little less than a year and half before she calms down. She just a ball of energy and attention seeker.
    7. mbfrench
      I actually never had pictures on there,it was just a mention of it.But they are usually 4" cakes double or single layer.They are 15.00 for a double layer.with the new computer,I lost nearly every picture I had when the old one crashed.
      but my site url is:
    8. Sumac3890
      She passed on April 15th- tax day. I can't believe she has been gone close to a year now. I do miss her so very much. She was my shadow, my buddy.
    9. elaine2004
      How long has it been since Katie has passed? My Sheltie angel Jewel , has been 2years, 4 months and my precious mama dog Tasha has been gone for a little over a year. I still miss them so as I know you still miss little Miss Katie.
    10. elaine2004
      Oh so you are 55 as well. Thanks for accepting the friend request.
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    Fort Myers, Fl
    house cleaning
    Dogs that own me::
    Maggie is a sweet girl who is 13 and loves her daddy.
    Zak is a 8 month old puppy and a love bug and loves his momma.
    Both are tri's


    Zak- Trilliant Master Plan
    Zoey- Trilliant Exuberance
    Maggie and Katie- always in our hearts.