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Viewing thread Sick again..., Jan 21, 2021 at 11:23 AM
    1. ghggp
      Etch A Sketch ... How cool! I had one as a kid. Loved it!
      Funny how we pick names...
      My 1st black Persian cat I called Flash. When I shot a picture of him with flash bulbs (showing my age) his eyes lit up like FLASH bulbs!
      My 2nd black Persian cat is named SMUDGE... Since I work in Photoshop one of the tools is the SMUDGE tool.
      Hope Sketch is doing better today.
    2. ghggp
      Jumping for JOY on this end! I am so glad to know the vet is very optimistic on Sketch's recovery plan! WONDERFUL NEWS and I know how relieved you must feel. Please continue to keep us posted on his progress. I have been meaning to ask you... how did you come by his name?
    3. ghggp
    4. ghggp
      Poor little boy... I feel so bad for him. The trauma of losing a limb is bad enough. Having pain in his remaining hip is heartbreaking. I hope the can find meds that allow him relief without compromising his awareness. Like human pain killers... They can make you unsteady on your feet. As he is adjusting to only one leg, I am sure he will need all his awareness to adjust. Please let me know what the vet recommends.

      I have been using a massage therapist for Mr Chance as he is not steady in his hind end. The therapy has helped a great deal to relieve his stiffness and provide more blood flow.

      Not sure if could help ... But if your vet might allow it ... It is something to consider.
    5. ghggp
      How is little Sketch doing today? I hope a bit better.
      Thinking of you...

    6. ghggp
      I do really hope you do not have to do surgery! Poor little Dante...
      I know degenerative disc disease is so difficult to treat. My first female sheltie had it and she was 14.5 years old when she became totally paralyzed by it. I opted out of surgery due to her age. I hope your little man keeps going with minimal discomfort. I know it must be hard keeping him contained. Give his a kiss from me. I Always wanted a pom!
    7. ghggp
      How is our little man Dante doing?
    8. ghggp
      Would love to see a picture of little Dante!
    9. donhoward
      Hi Trini. SN seems to be a bunch of nice people. I'm also on Twitter. Most tweeters seem to be sociopaths, so SN seems pretty tame!
    10. Noneeds4me
      Most everyone is now in a group on Facebook called Sheltie galore. Are you on Facebook now, or do you have access to it now? If so, let me know and I'll set you up.

      Our furkids are doing well. My mom moved in with us last September along with her two mini doxies. They're such a challenge!! My mom getting sick inhibited my time in Arizona to be with Doug when we went there for his job. He is now working at home again (yay!!!) as of this week so things are getting a little back to normal. Life has been crazy but the furkids are all dealing with it well. Let me know about Facebook.
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    retired artist
    Raised on small diary farm in MA, married, 2 sons, 5 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren

    dog rescue, gardening, wildlife wilderness preservation
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