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Discussion in 'General Dog Chat' started by sable, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. sable

    sable Premium Member

    Oct 2, 2008
    Hope I don't jinx this. He is really doing well with potty training. He goes too the door.
    I think I had the most disinfected kitchen floor in the USA so he gave up and goes out.
    At 4 months old he is doing great.

    Yes he is a herding breed, and this little guy can out run anything. Buck was 4.9 lbs when I
    brought him home and is now at 13. As a mini he is only suppose to go 20 lbs and 12 inches tall.

    He acts like a 70lb. dog. He rammed me in the back of the leg and tossed me to the ground.
    Having fun with this little guy, I miss my Lucky and Lil' Lady, wishing they would be here with Buck.
    Lucky would have loved Buck. Lil' Lady would not have, LOL.
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  2. Piper's mom

    Piper's mom Forums Enthusiast

    Jun 26, 2015
    Winnipeg Mb
    Wow, he sure has grown! Going to the door already? Wow, your lucky...took Finnie until 6 months at least! He is one smart little boy!
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  3. ghggp

    ghggp Moderator

    Aug 28, 2011
    Grosse Pointe, Michigan
    Buck is growing like a little weed! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    Yep, you are really lucky that he is catching on with his potty training!

    Pictures??? Inquiring minds want to see!
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  4. sable

    sable Premium Member

    Oct 2, 2008
    Right now he is going out quick, and coming back in. We had an ice storm here, branches down, messed up his yard.
    Soon as I get a chance I will take some pictures of Buck. Yes he is one smart puppy. I can not believe if I try a new
    treat on him, he will shake his head NO I do not want that kind. Did ya ever see that one? He is hysterical
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