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Chickenbacks! Questions and Observations

Discussion in 'BARF, Raw & Natural Diets' started by Stewart Werley, May 13, 2018.

  1. Stewart Werley

    Stewart Werley Premium Member

    Feb 27, 2018
    Chewie has been on a raw concoction for about 3 weeks and he loves it. He is super enthusiastic about his "meat muffins" (I freeze the portions in a muffin tin, so that is what I call them). He eats well, is growing steadily (just hit 6 months and broke through the 10lb threshold).

    I am reading Billinghursts book now and ok, chickenbacks here we come. I went to our amazing local butchershop who keeps wrapped bags of frozen chickenbacks and also frozen chicken necks in their freezer right next to the chicken counter. I picked up a package of backs (very reasonably priced) and brought them home. I thawed them out and trucked out the first bit tonight for supper.

    So, I took one out, trimmed the fat off it, put it into a bag and pounded the ever lovin' heck out of it. I then served it to Chewie along with his meat muffin. Giving him options in case he didn't like the chickenback (as if).

    He ate his normal food then attacked the back. I instantly became invisible as Chewie dove snout first into new levels of canine culinary delight. He chewed, he comped, he ripped and tore. He gnashed and gnashed and slowly, over half an hour that half a chicken back was eaten. For my part, never before hat the sweet cuddly stuffed animal veneer of Chewbacca been more thoroughly disrupted than while watching him make eye contact with me as he crunched and chomped with about four inches of chicken flesh hanging from his mouth. I was both mortified and cheering him on to embrace his wild heritage and eat like the mighty hunter that he would be if he weren't a pampered little cuddle bug. But while I was watching, several questions came up:

    1) He just hit 6 months old and it losing teeth rapidly, teething. Is now the time to be introducing him to food that is this much work when he is losing teeth? Or is this like the PERFECT time to get him started as his big boy teeth come in?

    2) Should I maybe be running the backs through the food processor in hopes of breaking up the bones and reducing the challenge so that it is easier for him to get through them? OR, would that be defeating the entire point, when some of it is that the bones help massage his gums, and clean his teeth?

    3) Billingquist says 60% meaty bones, so if I do start running the backs through a food processor, should I be integrating more of this into his "meat muffins" so he is getting this every day/meal?

    4) How often do you guys feed backs to your dogs? How many meals a week to you include backs and how often are backs the entire meal? And for a 10lb growing boy, is half a back too little? Or too much? It took him a good half hour to get through it, and he ate all of it plus his normal meal. I don't want to overfeed or underfeed him.

    I guess that is all my questions. One additional one might be how often to you feed chicken necks and are they in place of or in addition to chicken backs?

    At the end of the meal I was happy I had overcome my trepidation and ick factor and fed him the back. It was a similar sensation to when I moved him to raw. The look in his eyes after he had finished eating was, well in my opinion, true love. His eyes were bright and he stared right into me as if he was trying by force to say "Thank you."

    Again, thank you all for reading and answering my questions.
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  2. Piper's mom

    Piper's mom Forums Enthusiast

    Jun 26, 2015
    Winnipeg Mb
    My boys get backs everyday in fact Finnie at almost 15 weeks old get 2 1/2 backs/day on top of his raw mix. Chewie must be on the small side because Finnie is over 10 pounds already and can polish off a back in about 5 minutes (I cut it into 4's and pound just a little). You should be giving him a back every day especially now as he's growing and needs the calcium (an extra piece every now and then wouldn't hurt either). You want your ratio to be roughly 60% bone to 40% raw. Tomorrow I'm going to give Finnie a chicken foot...he needs a treat lol.
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