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Great ways you can help support Sheltie Nation

Discussion in 'Toys' started by Kelly, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. Kelly

    Kelly Administrator

    Feb 21, 2008
    Maintaining the free Sheltie Nation community is a labor of love. There are endless hours spent keeping this site online, paying the hosting costs, and there is no salary for the effort.

    Should you find the Sheltie Nation blog and these discussion forums beneficial, there are various ways you can help. Please consider the following options to show your appreciation. Thank you!

    1. Encourage your Sheltie loving friends & family, breeders & rescue groups to visit Sheltie Nation and to participate in the forums.
    The larger the community, the better the site becomes for everyone!

    2. Purchase a decal or logo item from the Sheltie Nation Store
    Nothing shows Sheltie pride like a Sheltie Nation decal or t-shirt!

    3. Become a Premium Member at the forums.
    A free decal, profile customization & picture gallery & discounts on ads are only some of the benefits!

    4. Consider visiting our sponsors.
    If you see an advertisement in either your daily Sheltie Nation email or on either website that interests you, please consider visiting that sponsor.

    5. Purchase a classified ad on Sheltie Nation or Forums
    Are you a breeder, trainer, artist, etc? Do you run a dog related business? Know someone who does? Advertise with Sheltie Nation or the forums! (Instructions for placing ads are listed at the top of each classified category.)

    6. Visit Sheltie Nation before making an online purchase.
    Click this LINK when you want to start shopping at Amazon. We get a referral credit and it is free to you!

    FYI...ways that wont work:

    1. Visiting Amazon directly & trying to give credit to Sheltie Nation at checkout.
    2. Starting with the Sheltie Nation link to Amazon & then deciding to manually type in a web address (for example) "www.target.com" into your navigation bar.
    3. Likewise, if you back out from Amazon and then enter any other way, Sheltie Nation will not get the credit.
    (If none of this makes sense to you, check out this thread or feel free to PM or email me & I'd be happy to further explain.)

    Thank you to everyone who helps to support the sites!
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