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I’m at a loss!!

Discussion in 'Behavior' started by Wendy C, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. Wendy C

    Wendy C Premium Member

    May 30, 2019
    Paris, Ontario CANADA
    When I unload the dishwasher Cooper goes crazy!! Barking, jumping and charging at it. The strange thing is he has no problem when I load the darn thing! lol Any ideas why and how I can get him to stop this behavior? Maybe he’s upset that the food scraps are missing when the dishes come out. lol. Thanks all!! :)
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  2. ghggp

    ghggp Moderator

    Aug 28, 2011
    Grosse Pointe, Michigan
    Well, I have no idea why. But, I would ask for a sit stay as you empty from now on so it does not become a habit of barking, jumping and charging!
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  3. Piper's mom

    Piper's mom Moderator

    Jun 26, 2015
    Winnipeg Mb
    I'd say that somehow they've been conditioned that whenever you unload the dishwasher they bark. It's funny but I just started Crate Games and they talk about conditioning the dog to do the things you want them to do, rather than saying Off...Down...No...etc when they do things you don't want them to do.
    For example (and I haven't tried this yet) but they mention if your dog jumps on you when you come home for example, you turn your back and ignore them until they sit and then you reward THAT behavior. I'd suggest if they go crazy when you unload the dishwasher, stop what your doing...wait for them to settle (but don't look at them) and when they stop barking mark it (say YES) give a treat. Do this again and again whenever you get the negative reaction until they learn that they'll get a treat when they DONT bark.
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  4. Wendy C

    Wendy C Premium Member

    May 30, 2019
    Paris, Ontario CANADA
    will give that a try. Luckily only 2 of us so we don’t need to run it daily. I was thinking I may just put one or two plates in while it’s empty and work on trading that way. Will let you know how that works out. :)
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  5. Wendy C

    Wendy C Premium Member

    May 30, 2019
    Paris, Ontario CANADA
    At first I thought it was the noise of clanking dishes, but last night I was in the kitchen and Cooper was in the family room with hubby (it’s open concept]. I very carefully opened the dishwasher door and silently ( so I thought) pulled out the first plate and there he was! The wild child!! :)
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  6. corbinam

    corbinam Moderator

    Oct 14, 2008
    I think mat work is a great idea, or even doing a cookie scatter.
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  7. Calliesmom

    Calliesmom Moderator

    Mar 29, 2008
    near Mobile, AL
    the only drawback here is that they learn to bark so that when they stop barking, they get a cookie- very clever puppers.......
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  8. DianeP

    DianeP Forums Enthusiast

    Sep 8, 2019
    Middleton, WI
    We have a similar thing with Mindy and washing dishes. I think the clatter gets her a little scared and overaroused. We are trying two things, 1. Management: my husband holds her when I do dishes or vice versa. She can see what’s happening and watches carefully and doesn’t bark. 2. Training an Alternative behavior: the person not doing the dishes does mat work with her while dishes are being done. It’s a work in progress and really the most darned thing. She lived quietly with dishes being washed for her first 6 months here. Our issue started when she was around 10 months.
  9. TheDailyPainter

    TheDailyPainter Forums Enthusiast

    Sep 19, 2019
    River is a dishwasher pest also...but mostly just on the silverware. He is not as bad as my last sheltie. But he also goes crazy over the waterpik flosser. He can tell when I'm filling it no matter how clever I try to be.
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  10. Ann

    Ann Moderator

    Feb 25, 2008
    Western Connecticut
    It's funny what sets them off. Mine have learned each others' bad habits so we have all kinds of triggers...the teapot, filling the teapot, the electric can opener, the phone ringing, emptying the ice cube tray, aluminim foil., the oven timer beeping..the list is endless. I wish I had a solution for you but I'm an epic failure at diverting the madness.

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