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PetChatz HD--The Ultimate "Yep... I'm a Shameless Dog Parent" Gift??

Discussion in 'Other Equipment' started by DKBurtonAdams, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. DKBurtonAdams

    DKBurtonAdams Forums Regular

    Jan 11, 2017
    I just HAVE to share...

    Last week was my birthday, and my husband's gift was arguably the most humorously-indulgent, laughably-embarrassing, and ridiculously-exciting present I probably have EVER gotten...


    The PetChatz HD<--Click on this blue title to see what it looks like---->basically, a doggie phone that allows us to:
    • Face-time with our pets (really! using our smartphones) regardless of where you're travelling around the world (as long as there's wifi)... There's even a Hi-Def little screen that plugs right into an outlet that's head-level to our pets where they can see and hear us, just like we can see and hear them!!

    • Allows us to dispense these tiny little treats from the wall phone while we're chatting with them (although we don't use the PetChatz patented name-brand treats like we're supposed to--we use Bil Jac's Grain-Free Soft Dog Treats--based on what I've found, they're really high-quality, high protein, made-in-the-USA treats that cost half as much as the PetChatz brand, even though using someone else's treats voids the warrenty.... shhhhhhh.... don't tell anyone!)

    • Use a motion-sensor to record videos of our pets whenever they walk in front of it (or notify of us of any other movement.... so maybe it's sort of a self-contained security system while we're gone, too?? haha). You can also record your Face-Time chat sessions and post them online or social medial...

    • Dispense a calming puff of essential-oils-scented air (I guess that's for dogs that have separation anxiety from their guardians/parents? Our dogs don't have that, cuz we have two and they love each other, so we won't be using this feature... but it's just as ridiculous as the rest, so I just laugh with glee when I think about it, anyway!)

    • It has an optional "PawCall" button that sits on the floor and connects via Bluetooth--I swear, I'm not making this up!--so that our dogs can push the button and CALL US!!!! haha... How crazy is that?! (We just set this up, so our dogs haven't learned how to do this yet...)

    • You can also use the "PawCall" floor button to play games with your dogs while you're gone... You can program it to play a serious of randomized flashes (it literally lights up with two AA batteries inside) at different times during the day on different or same days of the week, so that every time they hit the game, it dispenses another treat from the PetChatz phone on the wall.
    OK, so I have to say that as silly as this makes me sound, and as much as you're probably rolling your eyes and judging me for being frivolous (none of which I will deny...), this thing makes me giddy. I love checking in on my kiddos whenever I want, and as you all know, Shelties are so dang smart they've picked up on it already! You can play a chime at the same time you dispense the treat, so they come running... Everyone laughs when I show it to them, and even though all the non-pet lovers roll their eyes and groan with disgust, almost everyone that has a pet says "I WANT ONE!!!" haha...

    It certainly wasn't cheap.... $380 for the main unit, and an additional $99 for the "PawCall" accessory...

    And it's definitely a first-world product that makes me feel sort of guilty for having it...

    But I DO love it! ha.

    Just had to share... ;)

    Last edited: Jan 23, 2017

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