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Premium Membership

The Sheltie Forums is a service provided to the Sheltie loving community by SheltieNation.com. However, the software and hosting for this service is expensive, so in order to help support these forums, we're offering Premium Memberships with added features.

Tech support is by hire, contracted by the job. We hire others as the need arises for everything from software upgrades to coding help. All moderators are volunteers on the website. The owner of this site has a full time day job and keeps Sheltie Nation going by evening and weekends. She's spent her own money to keep these websites going since the beginning in 2006, with a little help over the past few years from amazon.com and other advertising.

Who is this owner? She is the keeper of the keys to Sheltie Nation - that would be me, Kelly. :D

Purchasing a Premium Membership is not required in order to participate on the Sheltie Forums. But if you enjoy your time here, we hope you'll contribute to the future of the site!

Update: We now offer 1, 3 and 6 month memberships options that can also be gifted!

What does a premium membership include?

  • The ability to attach photographs directly into your posts.
  • For 1 year subscriptions - A free Sheltie Nation decal.
  • You can create your own custom picture gallery.
  • Can post in our live chat room.
  • A free Sheltie Angel photo gallery upgrade.
  • A custom profile page.
  • Increased Private Message storage limits.
  • Access to a private VIP, non-dog related general chat forum.
  • You can upload a custom avatar.
  • A Premium Member Badge that displays by your user name.
  • Can post events in the events forum.
  • Discounted rate for any Marketplace ads.
  • Access to exclusive raffle promotions.
  • Will see fewer advertisements displayed.

The cost starts at $10.00 for a 1 month membership. We also offer 3, 6 and 12 month options for a better value. Every Premium Membership purchased (or gifted) helps to keep the forum online, allowing the next group of people to receive help or support.

You can purchase a Premium Membership instantly with PayPal once you are registered as a regular member. Just click on your username which appears in the upper right side near the top of each page. A drop down box will appear and you would click on "Account Upgrades" in the lower right side of the box. If you prefer to pay via check, just start a conversation with me (Kelly) and I can give you the details.

Premium Memberships also make great gifts! Just follow the instructions above and click on the "gift" option.

Once your payment has cleared, your Premium Membership is active immediately. The membership fee is not refundable -- if you choose not to participate on the Sheltie Forums or if your membership is revoked for any reason, you will not get any portion of your membership fee refunded.

Thanks for helping to support the Sheltie Forums!

Apr 16, 2016
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