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I need to make a puppy list! For the PUPPY!!

Discussion in 'Puppies 101' started by KarenCurtis, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Sharon7

    Sharon7 Premium Member

    Oct 31, 2009
    Southern California
    Just make sure you get it tall enough - ours is 30 inches, and a full grown Sheltie can reach the top of that, just barely, by standing on their back legs. It has kept all mine safe except Eli (aka Mr. Houdini) who somehow escaped it. Of course, this is the same dog that has broken out of two crates.....:rolleyes2:
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  2. Sandy in CT

    Sandy in CT Premium Member

    Aug 5, 2018
    I had bought the smaller plastic pen before we brought Brodie home. Might work for a single dog, but not with 2, at least not with our two. Kooper was able to push that all over. It is now split apart and serves as 'gates' to block off areas of the house. I do have the metal one and have used it in the summer in the past, might get another to make a larger pen for these two, we shall see.

    We have a bit under and acre and no fence. I just take Brodie out on a retractable leash to go potty - no big deal, I always have with Kooper too. This way he is brought to where we like to have the dogs potty, yet gets to run around a bit and I don't have to run around after him.
    Find out what the breeder is giving for food, buy a bag. If you will continue that, great, if you want to change start thinking on options as there are a ton.

    I wouldn't do a bed for the crate just yet as puppy may pee on it or chew on it. Personally, I would wait and see if he she is a chewer. I bought these https://www.chewy.com/pet-parents-washable-dog-pee-pads-2/dp/177641
    and then had an older towel on top. We started out with an airline kennnel but Brodie did NOT like the enclosed plastic. He was just fine with a 22" wire kennel with a blanket over top though of the back half. He is now in a 24" wire kennel and I completely cover him at night since he is in our room.

    Potty treats! We started out using kibble, but then moved on to Zuke's puppy treats. I cut each in 4 pieces when he was littler, now he gets 1/2. He got more excited about going outside once we used something just for potty time. The Wellness puppy treats are super soft, but they give him the soft stools even when broken up into 4 pieces.

    We used this collar with Brodie and he recently moved up to a new one. It was small, lightweight. https://www.chewy.com/frisco-solid-nylon-dog-collar-blue/dp/160794

    So exciting!!!!!
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  3. MissyGallant

    MissyGallant Premium Member

    Dec 20, 2011
    Sheridan, Indiana
    You need a pink food dish for Minnie. (I'm going to be the think positive and the universe will bow to your wishes and you WILL get your Minnie.)

    As a side note, I recently received pictures of one of Cassie's brothers. He has a 5 year old girl who loves to dress him up. I received 8 photos and he had a different bow tie attached to his collar in every single picture. LOVE IT!!!!
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