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very smelly pup - not anal gland - HELP!

Discussion in 'General Health' started by kippersmom, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. CactusKathy

    CactusKathy Forums Novice

    Jun 27, 2015
    Smelly dog

    I have been babysitting a very old Sheltie named "Peanut". He does smell all the time. I took him to the vet and she found that he had Seborrea Dermatitis. It's very common in Shelties. I got a prescription shampoo and I bath him every 3 days. I just recently found that he had another spot. Peanut is an antique so I think he's just gotten old and everything is going to pot, just like me. Peanut has 3 beds around the house so he can always be close to me and be comfortable. I am supposed to be giving him the best quality care. I have tried to clean his anus gland but no luck there. I have had him shaved as his permanent owner never combed his hair and he was so matted that his legs were not able to move properly. I have noticed that my husband and I are suffering from allergies as of lately. So I think it's him causing us to have allergies. We are taking Zyrtec. He's so frail I just can't in good contiousness let him go to another person. See if that's not your problem. I hope this helps you.
  2. Sheltiemama

    Sheltiemama Forums Enthusiast

    Feb 15, 2012
    I'm betting it's his food. You didn't help him by switching to Purina One. It's not considered a particularly good food either.

    Do some reading here and see what you think:

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  3. Bobbie Bean

    Bobbie Bean Forums Novice

    Mar 4, 2019
    I adopted an 8 yr. old female Sheltie named Shannon about a month ago. She has a strong odor about her. I groom her throughly every week and she just had a bath. She is full coated and her skin is very healthly. It is not a bad or stinky smell. I've had a number of dogs in my life and I grew up with a sheltie, but I never remember such a strong "doggie" smell. I noticed two of the pups mentioned in this thread that smell strong eat Iams, so does mine, only she's an adult. Maybe the food is the problem. Any ideas?
  4. Ann

    Ann Moderator

    Feb 25, 2008
    Western Connecticut
    I'd suspect the food too. Iams is not a quality food. I'd switch her to something better as soon as possible. If she's been checked by your vet and a medical issue ruled out, that's the most likely culprit. If she hasn't had a through vet check, I'd start there, but also get her on a better quality food.
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