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Eye color in breeding

Discussion in 'The Sheltie Standard' started by sunni9, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. SheltieLuver

    SheltieLuver Forums Enthusiast

    Aug 31, 2008
    South Carolina
    I also want to add, just because the puppies have Champions in their pedigree doesn't mean they will be breeding quality. It just doesn't happen that way.
  2. MissSuzie

    MissSuzie Forums Enthusiast

    Nov 19, 2008
    Beautiful SW Florida
    I'm not a breeder and I don't know anything about breeding. What I do know is that I also rescued a double merle dog who has a deformed eye on one side and is partially blind in the other. He is also partially deaf. Did his breeder purposely breed two merles? I don't know the answer to that. It could be that they just had no way of knowing what would happen because they were not experienced breeders.

    Please contact the sheltie club in your area and find yourself an experienced mentor before buying a puppy. And please don't buy from Petland. The pup will undoubtedly come from a puppy mill and if you want to be a reputable breeder you know that puppy mills are a dogs version of hell on earth.

    Perhaps you can see Coopers malformed eye a little in this picture. To me he is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, but the truth is, he is not.

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  3. mbfrench

    mbfrench Forums Celebrity

    Aug 2, 2009
    Well what a beautiful picture of Cooper! I needed one to add to Mia's scrapbook. If you don't mind may I print it?

    He is beautiful.I wished I could just give him a huge big kiss.
  4. missjenneygirl

    missjenneygirl Forums Enthusiast

    Aug 20, 2009
    Everyone had so much to say, and adding it all up, it is clear, that the people of the forum want you to succeed, and have an enriching future in the world of shelties. We always have an open door to new breeders with a listening ear, a keen eye and well thought out goals. Over the 20+ years of breeding, and all the pups that we have raised, I have encouraged many new sheltie fanciers.
    However, to have breeders give their time and knowledge, much less a show prospect puppy, there has to be an earnest base from which to start.
    The place to start it too be willing to listen....unconditionally. All the information you desire is there, if you listen. As years (and I mean years!) go by, you will find your path that is your program. Just as I did.
    I can not give enough credit to Lightplum, who took to heart the advice to get her Noah as competitive as he could be. She listened, did her homework, and the results came. We are an open book, if you are willing to learn.
  5. Lightplum

    Lightplum Forums Sage

    Jan 4, 2009
    Rhode Island
    :eek:awwww I wouldnt be half of where I am without the help of you and Megan (tofu pup)..

    What I was going to add earlier to my post and forgot was the art of breeding takes a whole lot of patience, it is not something to be rushed into..take your time and seek out the very best you can get, which will take time to build a trusting relationship with a breeder/mentor...and when you find a good mentor, listen and become a sponge absorb every bit of info you can!!
  6. MissSuzie

    MissSuzie Forums Enthusiast

    Nov 19, 2008
    Beautiful SW Florida
    Michelle, please feel free to print the picture. Cooper would be more than thrilled to give you kisses. He LOVES to be loved on. He is the most affectionate dog I've ever had. That picture clearly shows his eye, but he's such a handsome boy!

    My apologies for hyjacking the thread briefly. :)
  7. nbrard

    nbrard Forums Enthusiast

    I am not experienced enough to contribute to the genetics etc. but I would think that if you found a reputable breeder to get a puppy from they may also be willing to be a mentor.
  8. sheltiebrat

    sheltiebrat Forums Novice

    Sep 25, 2010
    Lake Tapps, WA
    I ran across this old thread today - since the OP never came back after 2 grumpy posts I am guessing she went off into Petlandville breeding and lived happily ever after, never entering a breed ring.

    I wish we could just get new people to slow down.

    If she had enough money for a Petland puppy, she could have purcgased a VERY nice show potential pup from a equality breeder.

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