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why are dog shows a competition?

Discussion in 'Getting Started in Conformation' started by JessicaR, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Tagg

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    Jan 4, 2012
    Brantford, On
    Best In Show is judged not by judging one dog against the other but by judging each dog to its own standard and deciding which one fits it the best out of the 7 dogs before you.
    There have been some terrific judges that we would go to and sometimes win, sometimes lose but felt we had a chance because the judge was really good and knew his/her stuff. There have been some terrible judges that look to see who came into the ring instead of what was on the end of the lead. Win or lose, we stopped showing to these judges.
    I have seen dogs excused for obvious product in their coats and I have seen dogs win while giving a shake and the chalk going up like a cloud around them. A knowledgeable judge isn't offended by some product - it is, after all, part beauty contest :) and they were all exhibitors before they decided to become judges. I have seen Airedales that are the most magnificent colour of red with pure black saddle - not at all natural - but I have also seen All Breed judges penalize the dogs that are not chalked with red chalk because they are too uniformed to realize the difference. The way I see it is hair is hair. You can't make a terrier with soft coat feel like it has a hard wire coat with any product, although you can make it feel a bit harsher, but overall a judge should be able to tell the difference. I want the judge to look at the overall dog and judge it on its confirmation, confidence and temperament but I realize that I have to do the work, learn the tricks of grooming and make sure my dog has sparkle or not bother. You wouldn't take a dog to an obedience trial without putting in the work and teaching the dog and yourself what you both need to know in order to compete.

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